Torry has a rich and varied history as an independent community and as part of Aberdeen. Historically the community was built around fishing and boat building. Over the years Torry has grown and developed as a hub for the oil and gas industry.

Today Torry houses three main groups of people, individuals and families with a long term connection to Torry, people from other areas of Aberdeen through work and housing needs and a large international population made up mainly of Eastern Europeans and Nigerians.

Torry is  is recognised by Aberdeen City Council as a regeneration area.

Community Renewal is working with the GP practice in Torry to deliver a “Deep Community Engagement” project on behalf of NHS Grampian. This project has three elements:

  • building bridges between the GP practice and the community and other agencies working in Torry  to provide more person-centred support
  • supporting front of house staff to enhance communication and signposting for people with multiple needs
  • supporting the GPs and Nurses with patients who have multiple needs and where many of these needs may be non-medical