Bingham & Magdalene – Developing Local Conversations, People’s Health Trust

During 2015, Community Renewal with funding support from the People’s Health Trusts, Developing Local Conversations programme we will be supporting the local people from Bingham & Magdalene to join together, identify common concerns and take local action.

Community Renewal will support local people to ensure that they are at the heart and have control of the agenda, design, delivery and development of the local action through the Local Conversation Programme.

About Bingham & Magdalene – East Edinburgh

In 1948 the local council built a housing scheme in the area known as Bingham and then continued eastwards towards across NIDDRIE ROAD (presently called Duddingston Park South) to build another housing scheme called the Magdalene Scheme.

Bingham / Magdalene are part of Portobello & Craigmillar Neighbourhood Partnership (C & P NP) and both are measured alongside other neighbouring districts.  With a rank of 45, 5 of the most deprived data zones are in Bingham, Magdalene.  (SIMD – S01002017).

Our Approach

Our initial approach to developing local conversations will involve delivering specialist support over a period of time that on an ongoing basis passes skills, knowledge and confidence to the community of Magdalene / Bingham.

This will strengthen individuals and groups and inspire local people to lead change and achieve change. Our approach focuses on engaging individuals, building relationships out of which emerge strong projects that will stimulate the community.

These communities already have the ability to change their communities when encouraged with additional support and guidance