By embedding ourselves in communities and working in a sustained way with them we are able to affect long term changes.

Traditionally a gateway into Glasgow for incoming communities, Govanhill has the largest and most transient ethnic minority population in Scotland and has a rich ethnic mix but with high levels of social and economic deprivation, crime and racial tensions.

We are working intensively on a variety of projects all underpinned by our asset based philosophy.   We believe that the whole of our impact will be greater than the sum of our individual initiatives.

In the past 5 years we have delivered:

Govanhill People’s HistoryWorking in partnership with Scottish Oral History, we trained volunteers to become community history researchers.  Volunteers then produced learning materials and disseminated these in the community.  The project brought together people of all ages and cultural backgrounds to challenge accepted myths, improve understanding of people’s lifestyles and beliefs and improve community cohesion.  Young people have been especially targeted for inclusion.

Community Health Leaders – An asset based to approach to training people who have the potential to become community activists and leaders.

Community Canteen – A restaurant in Govanhill where people can access high quality multi-ethnic cuisine.

Future Vision

Our vision for Govanhill is one where local residents are empowered to contribute and connect with their communities and improve their health, wellbeing and employability chances.

We are working with the People’s Health Trust to deliver a Local Conversation  which will see the Trust invest up to £700,000 to fund initiatives created and run by the community and in particular the Roma population.

Roma Employment Project – We are in the process of developing a major employment project to provide work opportunities for the Roma population.