Community Renewal is working in partnership with Community Enterprise and Dundee Social Enterprise Network to deliver the Our Place Initiative for the community of Douglas in Dundee.

Douglas and Angus (commonly referred to as Douglas) is an area of Eastern Dundee built in the 1950s. It is located between Whitfield to the North and Broughty Ferry to the East.  Local industry is dominated by the distinctive Michelin Tyre factory and there is a relatively good range of small shops, community facilities and residential accommodation

What is Our Place?

Our Place is a different way of investing Big Lottery money based around local people being in control.  People who live in a place are the best people to come up with a vision for their own community and what they want to see happen there.  The aim of the Big Lottery’s programme is to build stronger connections and relationships in Douglas, empowering local people and organisations to lead on projects that will make this a better place to live and work.

How Does It Work?

The approach is flexible, and lasts 5 years.   It focuses on the great things that are already happening in Douglas and will try to build on those to make this an even better place to live.

As well as possible funding, there is also lots of help on the ground to develop the skills and confidence of local people and organisations in Douglas. The support in Douglas is delivered by Community Enterprise, Community Renewal and Dundee Social Enterprise Network who are all here today.   The focus of the support will be about getting lots of local residents involved working towards a single vision for the area.  At that point detailed projects will be developed and existing or new groups can apply for Our Place funding.

Since this initiative commenced in August 2014 we have found and trained a group of Community Connectors, delivered over 300 door-to door listening conversations, produced a baseline report, asset map and a vision of the community.

A vision for Douglas

“Our vision is that Douglas will be a strong, beautiful, empowered place that local people feel increasingly proud of.  Larger numbers and kinds of people will get involved, will want to stay here, will work here and will bring up their families here.”


Three over-arching themes have emerged

  1. Safe Attractive Open Space
  2. Young People and Families
  3. A Community in Control

For more information on Douglas, including the asset map and vision statement go to the Resources Section of this website