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Lifting Neighbourhoods Together - Whole System and Group Relations Consultancy

Community Renewal: Lifting Neighbourhoods Together

Whole System and Group Relations Consultancy




Delivery of consultancy, training and conference-style events for our two neighbourhood teams of staff, local partners, and some community members (e.g. unpaid carers, volunteers, forum members). This aim of the work is to increase understanding of the whole neighbourhood-wide system and affect behavioural change within the CR:LNT programme in Bingham & Walker as we seek to lift those neighbourhoods out of poverty using more proactive, systematic, integrated, asset-based and person-centred local support. The focus of this work will be developing understanding of role-boundary-authority, improving relationships, improving cross-organisational working, and better appreciating group dynamics. A co-production approach should be taken at all stages. Activities and impact must be recorded in a format that would allow external readers to understand how this work was delivered and how this work impacted on system/behaviour change.


Deadline: 12 noon, 8 February 2021


Format: You may submit your own proposal document in Word or PDF but must ensure you answer the questions in this Invitation to Tender against which you will be scored.

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Budget: £50,000 inc expenses and VAT

Delivery timescale: Early 2021 – 31 July 2023