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Listening to people in their own home

In this section:

In this section we explore Community Renewal’s listening conversation. This methodology opens up a conversation on the doorstep which explores a person’s experience of living in that neighbourhood. Unlike research, the process is geared towards engaging the person in some form of activity that will enhance their individual quality of life or the quality of life of a group or of the whole community.

In this section we will look at two listening conversation case studies, Susan, an artist who is suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia and Azra, a young muslim woman who is the subject of racial abuse in her neighbourhood.


In this listening conversation, two Community Renewal staff knock on the door of Susan to ask her about her experience of living in the area. As the conversation deepens Susan reveals that she has been suffering from anxiety and has trouble leaving the house. A follow up Holistic Assessment is arranged for a few days time. See Susan Holistic Assessment video below.

Deepening the conversation through an holistic assessment

In this second part of Susan’s story we take Susan through an holistic assessment to find out a more rounded picture of her life and to discover her assets and aspirations as well as trying to find the root of her anxiety issues. we then create with Susan a personal plan for support.

Listening Conversation that leads to Community Action

In this case study we meet Azra while doing door-to-door listening conversations. As we ask Azra about her experience of living in the area she discloses that she is being racially abused by one of her neighbours.  Reluctant to involve the Police the next stage is to get a group of friendly neighbours together to provide support and look for a community solution.

To lead a good life you must live in a good place