We work with partners and practitioners to build skills and to cascade our tried and tested methods of community empowerment.

Here is an example of some of the training that we offer:

Better Engagement Skills with Hard to Reach Groups

Communication and engagement skills for health practitioners with a role in anticipatory care.   This is a short course focused on: developing greater confidence in inclusive communication; using persuasive techniques of engagement; responding to diverse needs; respecting the diversity of communication styles and forms; and understanding roles in reducing health inequalities.

It includes telephone skills for GP practice receptionists and how to increase uptake of screening programmes; working holistically with people who have multiple issues.

92% of those attending report this training develops their skills in working with the anticipatory care target population and 94% report that it has helped them to identify specific barriers to communication and the ability to overcome them.

Community Engagement and Vision Building

We train individuals and organisations in the use of our  Listening Conversation.  This is our primary method for engaging individuals door-to-door.  This training also includes induction on how to deliver neighbourhood focused employability approaches, house meetings, ‘pizza nights’ (focus groups with young people) and how to support the community to create a common vision.

Peer Coaching

We offer training  to set up a  peer support project using our Peerability Coaching Framework. This training provides all aspects of project delivery including recruitment, training, safeguarding, motivating volunteers and confidentiality.

Asset Based Approaches to Community Engagement

We provide a service to organisations working in community regeneration to review and help them reflect on their approach. We recently supported North Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership to develop an exciting and dynamic Public Engagement Strategy.

Holistic Assessment and Case Management

We can provide training to organisations wishing to implement a more holistic assessment as part of a person centred service.  We are currently providing this training to six GP practices in Grampian.

Our training clients have included NHS Health Scotland,  all Scottish NHS health boards,  Salford Council, Manchester Council, and Hillcrest Housing Association.