Community Renewal: Lifting Neighbourhoods Together is a ground-breaking approach built on twenty years of Community Renewal Trust’s  expertise. It is currently underway in Bingham, Magdalene and The Hays (Edinburgh) with a partner, Building Futures East, trying to replicate our approach in Walker (Newcastle).

There are many ways for the local residents to get involved including community events, community projects and one-to-one support. Our approach is that if you live in our neighbourhood, we will always listen, we will connect you to the support you need, we will build on your strengths and we will stick with you for as long as it takes.


The test of change is about rehumanising and changing the system so it wraps around the needs of the individual or family. It is about removing the confines that stifle passionate and experienced professionals from fully supporting their clients. It is about really listening to people and being part of a culture that gives people the space to provide the comprehensive and ongoing support people need to thrive.

We are putting into practice methods which Community Renewal Trust has tried and tested over 20 years. They aim to facilitate easier and more effective ways of working more holistically.

To find out more about Lifting Neighbourhoods Together – visit the website here


Drop in Monday-Friday 10am-4pm or get in touch with our team:
☎️ 0131 629 9858
? Community Renewal: 31 Bingham Ave, Edinburgh, EH15 3HZ

Some of the specific services we can offer are detailed below including work covering employment support, housing/benefits, accessing affordable food, tacking funeral poverty, supporting mental wellbeing and empowering residents improving the neighbourhood together.


The Hays Pantry

This is an affordable food option running once each week in collaboration with Places for People. Contact us if you want to join or for more information.


Next Step Edinburgh

The team can offer employment support, CSCS training and benefits advice (including Universal Credit and Scottish Child Payment). This is for anyone in work or out of work. Whether you want quick support with a CV and preparing for an interview or if you need a lot of support to return to work after a long period of unemployment we will be there for you. This is funded by City of Edinburgh Council. Rather than a stand-alone project this is integrated into our teams overall work together.



Health Case Management and The WEL Course

Among our team we have specialists funded through Edinburgh Integrated Joint Board providing health case management. They can link people to the support they need in the local community to make them flourish and provide support in building up resilience. We also provide a course through our partner the WEL for local residents. Rather than a stand-alone project this is integrated into our teams overall work together.


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