Everything that we do is focused on creating better outcomes for people and their communities.

We know from experience that the best way to improve quality of life in a neighbourhood is by listening intently to the people who live there who know deep down what’s best for their community.

We have developed and tested an approach for supporting the community to create a common vision for transforming communities. This process involves:

  • a comprehensive listening exercise utilising household visits, focus groups and interviews to uncover community assets, key issues that people want to change and an in-built mechanism for finding new community leaders
  • distilling the outcome into a shared vision for the community
  • inviting existing and new community leaders and groups to come together in “working groups” around a set of development themes
  • supporting each working group to develop the themes into project ideas
  • bringing the working groups together regularly in a “community forum” to share ideas and look for linkages between individual themes and projects
  • supporting the community to link their ideas into the locality planning process and supporting them to access funding to make their ideas become reality

At the moment We are working in partnership with The Big Lottery Fund in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire and Douglas in Dundee and with the People’s Health Trust in Bingham, Magdalene, Muirhouse and Govanhill to support the communities to develop their vision for a better future and receive investment from these funds to make it a reality.