Community Renewal Rom Romeha

Community Renewal Trust have been working with the Roma Community in Govanhill for over a decade. Our ethos is the spend time really listening to all different parts of the local Roma community. We seek to build skills and expertise among Roma people to support other Roma – we employ seven Roma community workers and have dozens of … Continued

Community Renewal: Pennywell

Community Renewal: Pennywell is Community Renewal Trust’s neighbourhood team in Muirhouse and West Pilton established for over fifteen years. Our aim is simple: Whatever you want to talk about, we will listen, we will connect you to the help you need, build on your strengths and stick with you for as long as it takes. … Continued

Community Renewal Lifting Neighbourhoods Together

Community Renewal: Lifting Neighbourhoods Together is a ground-breaking approach built on twenty years of Community Renewal Trust’s  expertise. It is currently underway in Bingham, Magdalene and The Hays (Edinburgh) with a partner, Building Futures East, trying to replicate our approach in Walker (Newcastle). There are many ways for the local residents to get involved including … Continued

Caledonia Funeral Aid

Due to these unprecedented times – we have extended our support for bereaved Scots by launching Caledonia Funeral Aid The mental health of the bereaved has particularly suffered during these uncertain times, so we have launched  Caledonia Funeral Aid, which aims to provide an extra support system for recently bereaved people in Edinburgh. Caledonia Funeral … Continued

20 Years of Transformation

Twenty Years of Transformation: Towards a Scotland Without Poverty (2019 Report)   As we approach our 20th anniversary we wanted to share what we have learned and how we intend to continue to pioneer by combining approaches to employment, health, wellbeing and community development. Twenty Years of Transformation is a brochure not motivated by a … Continued

Not for Profit Simple Funerals

A few years ago Paul McColgan, Community Renewal CEO, experienced a traumatic death in his family: “Sadly I had first-hand experience of the strain that an unexpected death can place on a family, when my brother in law died suddenly in his twenties. Like many young families there was no provision for such an unexpected event … Continued

Community Health Improvement and Link Workers

Community Renewal is considered by NHS Health Scotland to be the “subject expert” for Community Engagement in Scotland. Community Renewal has become Scotland’s leading trainer and employer of Community Link Workers. However, this is only a small part of our wider work transforming Primary Care and improving health in deprived communities. Since 2007 we have … Continued

Next Step Edinburgh

Community Renewal Next Step Edinburgh Support for jobseekers in Edinburgh Our friendly neighbourhood teams are here to offer free support and advice for jobseekers. We promise to listen to what is important to you, build on your strengths, then work alongside you to connect you to the job or training you require. How we can … Continued

Roma Employability

Community Renewal Rom Romeha is part of a consortium supporting employability for Glasgow’s Ethnic Minority communities. Funded by Glasgow City Council, GEMS (Glasgow Ethnic Minority Service) is led by Bridges Programmes and includes 5 other community-based organisations; Amina (Muslim Women’s Resource Centre), Glasgow Clyde College,  Cranhill Community Trust, Govanhill Community Development Trust and us.   … Continued

Community Renewal Pennywell Pantry

Community Renewal Pennywell Pantry is a dignified way to get food for low-income families in Muirhouse and West Pilton. We try to offer a wide range of fresh and store cupboard food. Pennywell Pantry was originally set up by North Edinburgh Arts. In December 2021 it looked like the pantry may need to close but … Continued

Health Case Management

Many people who have complex life and health issues are often supported in a linear way.  With “assessment and onward referral” their predominant experience people often find themselves passed from one agency to the next with a lack of coordination of their needs and care. In 2007 we pioneered a more holistic way of working with … Continued