New DevelopmentsRom Romeha

A Community Development Trust nurtured by Community Renewal Trust specifically for Roma people

Community Renewal Trust have been working with the Roma Community in Govanhill for over a decade. Our ethos is the spend time really listening to all different parts of the local Roma community. We seek to build skills and expertise among Roma people to support other Roma – we employ seven Roma community workers and have dozens of Roma volunteers.

Over the next few years we are testing a model of transferring the work we do into a new Roma-led social enterprise called Roma Life CIC which is a Roma Community Development Trust. This is expected to be a phased change as the capacity of the staff and directors increases. Community Renewal Trust have previous taken a similar approach to supporting new Community Development Trusts to form and grow in Bellsmyre (in 2014) and Ardrossan (in 2018).

Our existing work in Govanhill with Roma people includes:

  • Roma Community Canteen funded by Scottish Government
  • Local Conversations community development programme funded by PHT including:
    • Regular Community Forums
    • Multicultural events such as Roma Burns Night
    • Supporting International Roma Day
    • Youth Groups
    • The Sew Roma group
    • Roma Men’s Group
  • We are also working with partners to seek development of a Roma Cultural Centre in Govanhill
  • Roma EU Citizens basic migration advice
  • Roma Employment Support
  • Universal Credit Support funded by Glasgow City Council
  • A drop-in computer suite

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