Do we want to lift Scottish neighbourhoods out of poverty? Do we believe that is achievable?

Community Renewal’s experience in the past 12 years suggests that it is achievable and need not even cost anything extra in public spending.

What is required would be to set a clear goal by Government and Local Authorities– we will lift these neighbourhoods out of poverty by 2020.

To achieve this we will reconfigure existing resources into seconded teams(6 staff per neighbourhood) to work systematically using the methodologies tried and tested by Community Renewal to increase the number of working  adults in each community by 450. We set a target of 75% job retention after 52 weeks.

The additional post-tax income coming into each neighbourhood after  would be £9million and the benefits savings over the 6 year period would be £11million. There would also be an increase in council tax income of £1.5-2 million) for the local authority which will offset any additional cost of the initiative.

Community Renewal has developed a proposal to work in partnership with local authorities to achieve the bold aim of lifting neighbourhoods out of poverty.

Click here to view  our idea in more detail  Lifting neighbourhoods out of poverty – G (3)

Scaling up to a national level 

If 32 authorities were to try out this approach in just 1 of their deprived neighbourhoods , over 14,000 adults in Scotland could enter sustained employment. The post-tax income coming into the 32 deprived neighbourhoods could be £292 million and the savings to the welfare budget could be £360 million. The increase in Council Tax income could be around £64million.

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