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Realising the Vision

Our vision is one of resilient people and communities where there are better chances of securing and maintaining useful work and leading a healthy life and where families are lifted out of poverty .

Realising this vision starts with listening to the hopes and fears and aspirations of the people who live there. Where individuals need support to make changes in their life we provide that support and we stick with people for as long as it takes.

Our vision is for this to be done in partnership with a range of agencies sharing the task of listening and vision building and providing joined-up support.

For the community as a whole we collate a map of their assets, both physical and social and distill their hopes and aspirations into a set of themes which  we invite local people to work on together.

Then we work to build relationships with key funders and decision makers and the community so that the hopes and aspirations of the residents are reflected in locality plans and strategies.