About UsOur Values

A long term commitment to change

Our values determine the way we work and our most successful projects have been those closest to our core beliefs:

  • The most important element of any support relationship is listening to what the person wants deep down and working alongside them to achieve it
  • We stick with people for as long as it takes
  • Many people find it hard to articulate what they want at first and so need to be able to experience an environment of trust and safety in order to uncover buried aspirations – this cannot be rushed
  • People don’t resist change – they resist being changed.
  • People in deprived communities already know what is required to improve their lives – what they need is help with how to make it happen.
  • Compassionate listening is a basic human need and is central to the way that we engage with people.
  • Every individual and community has assets
  • Sustainable transformation in communities is possible but needs a long term commitment.

When we are able to work with people with an open agenda coupled with a longer term commitment  – personal and community development is accelerated.