Grassroots Clothing is a project run by Community Renewal.

Preparing for an interview is an important step on the job journey but it’s also one that can be quite daunting. As part of our service we offer practical interview training and confidence building sessions. Just as important are first impressions. However, a lack of suitable clothing is a real issue for many men on benefits or low income. We want to remove this barrier but we need your help to do it!

To help our clients feel good and face interviews with confidence we provide men with quality, smart interview clothing. We rely solely on kind donations of interview appropriate clothes, in all sizes.

One way to donate is by organising a Suit Drive in your  workplace.

To host a suit drive, please follow these  steps:

• Target a specific time period during which people can bring their donations to the office. Once you have chosen a date please email Grassroots Clothing to let us know the details –

• Promote the event as much as possible by email, placing posters in prominent locations around the office,  at staff  meetings  and via the intranet.

• Please let your colleagues know about the work that we do in supporting our clients into employment. Many of our clients are vulnerable and face multiple barriers into work .

• During the week of the suit drive arrange a designated space or office with an empty coat rack, boxes or bags to collect clothing and accessory  donations.

• On completion of the clothing drive, please let Grassroots Clothing know when to expect the delivery to arrive. As a small project we have limited resources to collect donations and are very grateful if you can kindly drop off to us in the first instance. We know this may not be possible for everyone so please do give us a call on 0131 629 9858 to arrange a pick-up if required.

•Guidelines for donations:

As we don’t have a budget for cleaning,we are very grateful if clothing is dry-cleaned  or freshly  laundered and  ironed. We  accept  the following  items of  men’s clothing:

•  Business suits • Trousers • Shirts • Smart jumpers • Jackets • Coats • New socks & underwear • Ties

• Pocket handkerchiefs • Cufflinks • Shoes

All clothing must be appropriate for interviews and the workplace.



You can also give us a financial donation to help our project here: http://www,


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